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Miller Lite

Sorry it’s been a while friends. The writers strike has really been a burden on my performance. Just kidding. I have been dissolving into my lay-z-boy while watching the NFL playoffs, and sadly, the presidential debates these past few weeks. But over this winter break I got the chance to sit down and compare Miller Lite and it’s arch nemesis Bud Light.

But because the Conan O’Brien Show has been so freaking funny lately, I will have to make my decision on these beers as I type. Maybe you can help me. Miller Lite has a strong initial beer taste, but very little aftertaste. Bud Light is just the opposite. Miller Lite and Bud Light are very similar as far as their contents go, except that Bud Light has twice the Crabs.

Miller Lites are great when I am drinking twofers of them during happy hour. But when it comes down to it, I just have to go with a Bud Light.

It could have something to do with the different spellings of Light. Maybe I am subconsciously turned off by the simplicity of “Lite.” Who knows? Maybe Bud Light is easier to say. Miller Lite does have three syllables. And sometimes when you are inebriated the most syllables one can can articulate is 1 1/2. That is all you need for a Bud Lighhhh.

So Mill-er-Light. I am sorry to say, but today you have been defeated. Thats two strikes for the Miller Brewing Company on my blog. Don’t take it personal. I still drink you when you are on sale.

Miller Lite still gets a good score for its freshness, thirst quenching ability and awesome advertising. It also has less filling than Bud Light so you actually can put down more of them than you think.

Miller Lite get 3 3/4 stars