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Singha right now!

This is probably the longest text I will write so bear with me. The last time I drank this beer I was in Thailand on a tsunami relief program. That was about two and a half years ago. I sure drank my share of Singha’s while I was over there. My friends and I were actually more worried about contracting the bird flu than getting drunk and lost in a country where no one speaks English and the people drive on the wrong side of the road at will (the motorcyclists are crazy). But before I rate this beer I want to tell you a little more about Thailand. If you are over 5’8 you are probably the tallest male in sight. It didn’t help that I am 6’1 and red haired. I stood out like a white red head in Asia. No pun intended. A good friend of mine and I went shopping in the markets and made a wrong turn. My friend has a severe case of Napoleon Syndrome which leads him to get really frustrated in situations where he cannot control the outcome.

We were lost and found ourselves in a a rainy alley (yes, it rains in isolated alleys of Bangkok). We were immediately overwhelmed with Thai suite makers, cyclists and cab drivers trying to hustle us for our money. They thought we were Australian considering the proximity to their country. We told them we were American. This probably wasn’t the smartest move in retrospect, but they immediately backed off.

So don’t let anyone tell you that wherever you go in the world people hate Americans. They like us in some places and fear us in others. Or maybe they thought my friend actually was Napoleon.

Joe and I in Bangkok Bangkok Traffic! This wasn’t filmed by me, but it was right where we stayed.

Singha is like the Yellowstone Park of beers. I really don’t know what that means, but it tastes great and it splashes your mouth like Listerine out of old faithful (I knew I would somehow tie that together). It has a monstrous 6.0% ABV and as you already know, it is brewed in Thailand. However, this lager, like many others, looses a little flavor when they are imported due to fluctuating temperatures in storage. So the zest may come as a shock to you upon initial taste, but you can always tell a good beer when you subconsciously grab a few more out of the fridge.

Singha gets 3 3/4 stars. Although, if you drink it in Thailand it gets 4 1/4

Check out this Singha ad and comment if you know what they are saying. My guess is “Dong.”


Coming Up!

In the next week I will rate Heineken, Singha, Blue moon and Magic Hat number 9. I am a little busy because I am about to graduate Arizona State University this week. Wait… I need to say that again. I am about to graduate! I never thought this day would come, but it finally has. I just need to pass my law class which is a lot harder to do when you disagree with the teacher on a number of issues, such as his grading policy.

But don’t worry friends. I have good Karma and things usually work out for me when I give the homeless the rest of my beer. Please have patients and leave me messages or comments so I can get back to you. Also, feel free to suggest a beer you want me to review. No malt liquor! I will throw up on my keyboard.

In the meantime, think about this…The average American consumes 23.1 gallons of beer annually.

Natty Light!

Dear College Students,

Over the years, you have helped me grow into one of the more popular beers in the Anheuser Busch family. Though I don’t get much publicity, your weekend contributions keep me brewing. Sure some of the other beers pick on me because I am not the best tasting beer, but I know deep down inside that I have something none of the other beers have. I have the ability to supply happiness in quantity. Thats right! For just $4.99 you can have 12 of me and that is usually enough to make your Saturday night one to forget.

Here in the factory the other beers like Budweiser and Bud light get all the attention. While they are being sold for 7.50 a beer at football games and concert events, I know that I am making some college kid’s night.

It’s because of you that I am the invited to penny pictures night on college campuses around the U.S. You students have used your ingenuity to create some of the most pointless videos and participate in some of the most senseless acts of stupidity the internet has ever seen. I am glad to say I was a part of it.

I have been apart of every drinking event and Beer Olympics this land has seen and I just wanted to show you my utmost appreciation by sending you this letter. Heck, you college students even put off eating for a 12 pack. This is the least I can do. Just remember, next time you loose all your money on a stupid bet or at the casino you can always find enough change in your couch for a “12 of Natty”


Natural Light

Watch this Beer Pong tournament which I can guarantee I was apart of.

If you have a minute check out this beer pong phenomenon.

Boston’s Pride

As much as I am ridiculed for being a Yankee fan by my roommates and friends who have all seem to have hopped on the Red Sox bandwagon in recent years, I have to say I enjoy drinking their beer. Maybe it’s just satisfying knowing that their beer is going down my throat and not theirs, but there is something about Samuel Adams Light that makes me forget where I come from.

Sure I spite the Red Sox and sure I hate the movie Fever Pitch, but not because it’s a love story, but because Jimmy Fallon is a Red Sox fan.

Sam Adams Light doesn’t taste, look or feel like a light beer, but it is. It soothing and flavorful and a lot of quality is put into brewing it. Though I may have conflicting views with many of the men who make it, I think we can agree that Samuel Adams Light is a great beer.

Sam Adams gets 4 1/4 stars

Keystone Light

I challenge you to find one can of Keystone Light that isn’t flawed. I don’t know why this is, but every can of Keystone light has a dent or scratch in it. My only conclusion is that the cans fall off the conveyor belt and are then filled with left over Coors Light. According to my taste buds, Keystone Light taste like stale cardboard. However, it is dirt cheap and fun to drink

Keystone Light is great for drinking fast and funneling beers

Keystone Light has some really original commercials. They’re funny because people actually end up in these types of situations.

Busch Beer

Busch has a ridiculous 10.2 carbohydrates per serving. Thats like taking down a box of cashews. But it only has 4.6 % alcohol according to RealBeer.com.

This means you can only drink so many before you get a buzz. Its actually not a bad beer. It gets horrible reviews on BeerAdvocate.com, but I thought it was thirst quenching. That says a lot about the A-B Family when their cheapest beer pretty descent.

Good for Asshole and just drinking

Couldn’t find a good Busch advertisement, but check out a commercial from one of Busch’s cousins.