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When the Moon hits your lips

I got lucky! I went out to dinner with a girl’s parents tonight and I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I thought I was going to be interviewed and over analyzed beyond my comfort zone. However, I was relieved to discover that her parents were avid drinkers and they enjoyed their beer and wine.

Normally, I wouldn’t order a beer the first time I ate with someone’s parents, but I felt out of place in this situation. So I ordered a Blue Moon. Blue Moon White draft beer served with an orange was my best friend for the night. To make it even better, when I finished it the Mrs. told me to get anther one!

I was trying to act as cool as possible and the Blue Moon definitely helped. Yes, you read that correctly. Blue Moon helps you maintain your coolness. I think it even made me look a little sophisticated. Blue Moon is thick, creamy, refreshing and a well-balanced beer. The citrus flavor sits well with your taste buds, but those of you who are counting you calories better be careful. Blue Moon has enough calories in it to be a small meal. It has 171 calories. Thats just one calorie away my long lost friend Colt 45.

You may call me biased for favoring this beer because it was my savor or even because it was free, but it really is good. For those of you who want to try something different or don’t like the taste of traditional style beer, give blue moon a shot. And don’t thank me if you become a little cooler after you finish a few.

Blue moon gets a strong 4 1/2 stars.

Did you know that Nevada consumes 38 gallons of alcohol per person annually? Either they are doing a lot of partying in Vegas or those aliens in Area 51 are throwing some raging keg parties.

I know this its not blue moon, but I didn’t want to bore my readers with Blue Moon commercials.


Keystone Light

I challenge you to find one can of Keystone Light that isn’t flawed. I don’t know why this is, but every can of Keystone light has a dent or scratch in it. My only conclusion is that the cans fall off the conveyor belt and are then filled with left over Coors Light. According to my taste buds, Keystone Light taste like stale cardboard. However, it is dirt cheap and fun to drink

Keystone Light is great for drinking fast and funneling beers

Keystone Light has some really original commercials. They’re funny because people actually end up in these types of situations.

Busch Beer

Busch has a ridiculous 10.2 carbohydrates per serving. Thats like taking down a box of cashews. But it only has 4.6 % alcohol according to RealBeer.com.

This means you can only drink so many before you get a buzz. Its actually not a bad beer. It gets horrible reviews on BeerAdvocate.com, but I thought it was thirst quenching. That says a lot about the A-B Family when their cheapest beer pretty descent.

Good for Asshole and just drinking

Couldn’t find a good Busch advertisement, but check out a commercial from one of Busch’s cousins.

The Results are in!

After a long weekend of thanksgiving celebrations, football and beer games, I gathered enough data to draw some conclusions. However, there may be a 3 percent margin of error in this study due to my inability to experience every beer’s full effect. I had to observe some of my friends for a complete evaluation.

I limited my selection of beverages all weekend to just a few very fortunate beers: Milwaukee’s best, Keystone light, Busch beer and Natural Light. Wow this was hard to do! I made mental notes and jotted down my thoughts of each beer on whatever form of paper and writing utensil I could find (I was very limited at ASU tailgate).

To start off, we have nick names for several of these beers. Milwaukee’s Best is known as “The Beast.” Natural Light is known as “Natty.” Busch is Busch and I have yet to hear any nicknames for Keystone light. But I can tell you that almost every can of Keystone light you come across has some sort of dent or scratch in it.

Keep checking. I will be putting them in over the next day.

Fat Tire!

Fat Tire is a Belgium inspired beverage and a delight after you’ve been drinking watered down beers all week. This 5.2% alcoholic ale has something to it that I haven’t tasted in a while. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this beer has some sort of fruity taste. Friends said it reminded them of coffee beans but these two comparisons are on total opposite ends of the spectrum. Maybe it is the red label that makes me think of berries. On sites like Beeradvocate.com, people claim to taste all sorts of things.

Fat Tire smells enchanting and made me anxious to taste it. The first sip I had my taste buds awoken. I needed another sip to really evaluate it because I was not expecting what I just drank. It sends a tingle to the sides of your mouth and the aftertaste makes you wonder what is at the bottom of the bottle.

However, Fat Tire is a heavy beer. It combines a toasty feeling with a filling flavor. I think true beverage connoisseurs would appreciate this beer with a nice steak dinner. I wouldn’t mind drinking this beer while sitting on my balcony on a clear night or by a campfire with some buddies. I drank two of them and I then I reverted to Bud Light for drinking games. I don’t think this is a beer you would drink when you go to a bar and plan on meeting the pavement at the end of the night. In fact, this beer will weigh you down and keep you right in your seat.

Its a little over priced, but well worth it if you are into quality . Don’t plan on partying with Fat Tire, but you should definitely try it when you go out with the family.

Fate Tire gets 4 stars.

Sorry everyone. No video for this one but you can learn more about Fat Tire Here

Tap the Rockies!

Coors Light. Lets rate it!

Coors Light is 4.2% alcohol just like many domestic light beers. It isn’t that strong but it goes down really easy. Because it is so weak it doesn’t even taste like beer. It doesn’t smell very strong either which probably indicates it isn’t made with quality products.

If I were to base my judgment solely on drinkability I would give Coors Light 4 stars. Thats because water goes down pretty easy and this is a watery beer. But since we take other factors into account, that score is going to decrease. Served cold, Coors Light is mildly thirst Quenching. If it isn’t ice cold it may taste like recycled Coors Original if you know what I mean.

If you want to enjoy a quality beer I wouldn’t recommend Coors Light. If you want to get piss drunk for a relatively cheap price, then by all means grab yourself a 12 pack.

Coors light has a 102 calories and 5 carbohydrates according to RealBeer But most of their target audience, young men 21- 34, aren’t concerned about that. It has no smell, very little taste, it drinks easily, it mildly quenches your thirst and you have to drink a lot of them to get drunk.

But lets face it, that blue bottle idea they came up with to determine the best drinking temperature is genius. And they have some kick ass commercials.

Now check out this parody of their NFL commercials that some kids made which is actually pretty funny.

Corona Light!!

I was so excited to rate this beer. Every time I have a Corona, I find myself drinking a lot more than I planned on. This may be due in part to the bar located around my block selling them at .50 cents each for 3 hours on Thursday nights. The bar is Dos Gringos. It is heaven.

I drink every Corona Light with a diced up lime. These two go together like beans and burritos. Coronas are really meant to be drank on hot summer days or during outdoor festivities. Thats when I think you will enjoy them the most.

But we are here to rate beer. Corona Light (with a lime) has a different taste than most beers. Of course the lime adds a small taste of bitterness. After the first sip your taste buds become accustomed to it. Corona Light is 4.5 % alcohol but you don’t really seem to notice it. It has a distinct smell that isn’t too pleasing and an awful color but the lime makes it an easy drink.

For those of you health conscious drinkers, Corona Light has 5 carbs in it and a whopping 107 calories, according to Realbeer.com. Thats a lot for a light beer. But Corona is an Import and our neighbors to the south may not count their calories when they drink. You shouldn’t either!

Corona Light gets 3 1/2 stars

A major reason it got this score is because it is just awful without a lime. check out how corona markets themselves as this elite beer for relaxing.