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Super Bowl Commercials

This may have been the best Super Bowl I can remember. The Giants defeated the Patriots that were 18-0 prior to the game. What a better way to go down in history. Sure my friends from New England are not going to like this post but the only thing that could have been better was if the New York Jets beat the Giants in the Super Bowl. I guess because of the ongoing writer’s strike, that still isn’t resolved for some networks, great ideas were hard to come across. So they paid actors like Will Farrell to just improvise. It looks like it work out.

This one was my favorite.

Another great Bud Light commercial.

And here is that infamous catch that Tyree of the New York Giants made.


Miller Lite

Sorry it’s been a while friends. The writers strike has really been a burden on my performance. Just kidding. I have been dissolving into my lay-z-boy while watching the NFL playoffs, and sadly, the presidential debates these past few weeks. But over this winter break I got the chance to sit down and compare Miller Lite and it’s arch nemesis Bud Light.

But because the Conan O’Brien Show has been so freaking funny lately, I will have to make my decision on these beers as I type. Maybe you can help me. Miller Lite has a strong initial beer taste, but very little aftertaste. Bud Light is just the opposite. Miller Lite and Bud Light are very similar as far as their contents go, except that Bud Light has twice the Crabs.

Miller Lites are great when I am drinking twofers of them during happy hour. But when it comes down to it, I just have to go with a Bud Light.

It could have something to do with the different spellings of Light. Maybe I am subconsciously turned off by the simplicity of “Lite.” Who knows? Maybe Bud Light is easier to say. Miller Lite does have three syllables. And sometimes when you are inebriated the most syllables one can can articulate is 1 1/2. That is all you need for a Bud Lighhhh.

So Mill-er-Light. I am sorry to say, but today you have been defeated. Thats two strikes for the Miller Brewing Company on my blog. Don’t take it personal. I still drink you when you are on sale.

Miller Lite still gets a good score for its freshness, thirst quenching ability and awesome advertising. It also has less filling than Bud Light so you actually can put down more of them than you think.

Miller Lite get 3 3/4 stars

Mission Accomlished

I took my last college test ever yesterday! It was amazing. I walked out of school and I screamed like I just won the lottery. Technically it’s the opposite considering how much I owe in student loans. ” Yes I can finally start paying my loans back!” That was me screaming with joy.

I needed to celebrate and what batter way to celebrate than to drink beer! Seriously, do you have an answer? Because I have a lot of reasons to celebrate and they all revolve around drinking beer. I started drinking a whole montage of beers at a party and they combined forces to create a power stronger than Captain Planet.

I have added some serious credibility to my beer drinking repertoire over my years at college. Between my time in WVU, ASU, Australia, Mexico and Asia, I would have to say I became a beer connoisseur. You don’t need to listen to my judgment of alcohol content, I am just here to entertain you while you sit at your work desk and pretend to work. Yes you! Quick, someone is coming!

You have helped my beer blog evolve into a lifestyle guide for the drinking elite. I can’t wait to see what I’ll drink next. I will rate Sierra Nevada pale ale, and Newcastle this week, along with whatever other life juice’s I drink tonight. Get back to be on the celebration question too!

This video came on last night at a Malone’s Tavern in Tempe and I felt I absolutely had to post it on my blog. It’s not really beer related but it could be drinking related.

It’s Five O’clock Somewhere

If you haven’t seen it already, now is your chance. Jimmy Buffet’s life is anything but simple, but when you sit back and look at life like he does, happy hour seems like a long time. Take a second to read through a short summary of his life. It is hilarious.

“In four hundred words or less, this is what happened form early adolescence until now: I broke out of the grip of Catholicism and made it through adolescence without killing myself in a car. I flunked out of college. I learned to play the guitar, lived on the beach, lived in the French Quarter, finally got laid, and didn’t go to Viet Nam. I got back into school, started a band, got a job on Bourbon Street, graduated from college, flunked my draft physical, broke up my band, and went out on the road solo. I signed a record deal, got married, moved to Nashville, had my guitars stolen, bought a Mercedes, worked at Billboard Magazine, put out my first album, went broke, wrecked the Mercedes, got divorced, and moved to Key West. I sang and worked on a fishing boat, went totally crazy, did a lot of dope, met the right girl, made another record, had a hit, bought a boat, and sailed away to the Carribean. I started another band, worked the road, had my second and last hit, bought a house in Aspen, started spending summers in New England, got married, broke my leg three times in one year, had a baby girl, made more records, bought a bigger boat, and sailed away to St. Barts. I got seperated from the right girl, sold the boat, sold the house in Aspen, moved back to Key West, worked the road, and made more records. I rented an apartment in Paris, went to Brazil for Carnival, learned to fly, went into therapy, quit doing dope, bought my first seaplane, flew all over the Carribean, almost got a second divorce, moved to Malibu for more therapy, and got back with the right girl. I worked the road, moved back to Nashville, took off in an F-14 from an aircraft carrier, bought a summer home on Long Island, had another baby girl. I found the perfect seaplane and moved back to Florida. Cameron Marley joined me in the house of women. I built a home on Long Island, crashed the perfect seaplane, lived through it thanks to Navy training, tried to slow down a little, woke up one morning and I was looking at fifty, trying to figure what comes next. You have to take the best from whatever the situation is and go on. That’s the whole point of the music to me. All through American history populist singers and humorists have served as the nation’s tickle spot, people like Will Rogers and Mark Twain. I see myself in that vein and fulfilling that sort of responsibility. I give people a few shots. It’s as much a satirical pinprick as anything else. You just have to remind people of the day-to-day funny things. When I write songs, I look for interesting little innuendoes or pieces of situations everybody has experienced. “- Jimmy Buffet via his Myspace profile

Sure this song is Margaritaville, but who cares? It’s Jimmy Buffet! Plus someone disabled the embedded option on “it’s five o’clock somewhere.”

I should also note that Jimmy Buffet has his own brewing company called Land Shark Lager


Just when you thought Gatorade, protein shakes, energy drinks and vitamin waters were here to stay, good old fashion beer made a comeback. A study done at the University of Granada, Spain concluded that a beer after a workout is better at rehydrating you than water.

Beer is better than water!. OK, so maybe the sports drinks are here to stay but wasn’t that a great headline? Growing up I thought beer and weightlifting went together like socks and sandals. Or running a marathon and slamming a cold one was as pointless as non-alcoholic beer (and no I will not hyper link non-alcoholic beer to my site ). However, the study concluded that the carbohydrates found in beer help replace the calories lost during strenuous exercises.

“Today there is more cheering news from a different set of scientists.

They have come up with the perfect excuse for heading to the pub after a game of football or rugby.

Their research has shown that a glass of beer is far better at rehydrating the body after exercise than water.

Researchers suspect that the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint may help people absorb fluids more quickly.

The finding, which comes from a study at Granada University in Spain, will be welcome news for the legions of evening and weekend sports enthusiasts who enjoy a postmatch pint.” –David Derbyshire,

I cant believe what I am reading! The full text can be found here, but the article went on to say how researchers suggest that part of an athletes diet should include about a pint of beer for men and a half a pint of beer for women after workouts.

So it turns out that all those happy hours I went to after a decent workout were actually beneficial. Oh wait, I think it mentions how moderate amounts of beer are beneficial after you exercise. Eh, I guess I’ll have to start going to the gym more often. What a great excuse to drink!

Ha! Sorry this video has nothing to do with my post but my friends asked me to put something up for the hoidays.

Singha right now!

This is probably the longest text I will write so bear with me. The last time I drank this beer I was in Thailand on a tsunami relief program. That was about two and a half years ago. I sure drank my share of Singha’s while I was over there. My friends and I were actually more worried about contracting the bird flu than getting drunk and lost in a country where no one speaks English and the people drive on the wrong side of the road at will (the motorcyclists are crazy). But before I rate this beer I want to tell you a little more about Thailand. If you are over 5’8 you are probably the tallest male in sight. It didn’t help that I am 6’1 and red haired. I stood out like a white red head in Asia. No pun intended. A good friend of mine and I went shopping in the markets and made a wrong turn. My friend has a severe case of Napoleon Syndrome which leads him to get really frustrated in situations where he cannot control the outcome.

We were lost and found ourselves in a a rainy alley (yes, it rains in isolated alleys of Bangkok). We were immediately overwhelmed with Thai suite makers, cyclists and cab drivers trying to hustle us for our money. They thought we were Australian considering the proximity to their country. We told them we were American. This probably wasn’t the smartest move in retrospect, but they immediately backed off.

So don’t let anyone tell you that wherever you go in the world people hate Americans. They like us in some places and fear us in others. Or maybe they thought my friend actually was Napoleon.

Joe and I in Bangkok Bangkok Traffic! This wasn’t filmed by me, but it was right where we stayed.

Singha is like the Yellowstone Park of beers. I really don’t know what that means, but it tastes great and it splashes your mouth like Listerine out of old faithful (I knew I would somehow tie that together). It has a monstrous 6.0% ABV and as you already know, it is brewed in Thailand. However, this lager, like many others, looses a little flavor when they are imported due to fluctuating temperatures in storage. So the zest may come as a shock to you upon initial taste, but you can always tell a good beer when you subconsciously grab a few more out of the fridge.

Singha gets 3 3/4 stars. Although, if you drink it in Thailand it gets 4 1/4

Check out this Singha ad and comment if you know what they are saying. My guess is “Dong.”

Coming Up!

In the next week I will rate Heineken, Singha, Blue moon and Magic Hat number 9. I am a little busy because I am about to graduate Arizona State University this week. Wait… I need to say that again. I am about to graduate! I never thought this day would come, but it finally has. I just need to pass my law class which is a lot harder to do when you disagree with the teacher on a number of issues, such as his grading policy.

But don’t worry friends. I have good Karma and things usually work out for me when I give the homeless the rest of my beer. Please have patients and leave me messages or comments so I can get back to you. Also, feel free to suggest a beer you want me to review. No malt liquor! I will throw up on my keyboard.

In the meantime, think about this…The average American consumes 23.1 gallons of beer annually.