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Heineken walk in Fridge

I just stumbled across this viral video and I immediately felt I had to add it to the blog. No ratings lately. Stay tuned!


Heineken Experience

As this blog competition comes to a close, I felt now was an appropriate time to rate the much anticipated Heineken. Just about 15 people have asked me to rate Heineken and I have been constantly putting it off. Sorry, this wasn’t because I don’t like you. I do like you. I love you! But it was because I have been celebrating my graduation this past week and I have been thinking of what I want to do with my future. If you have any suggestions about what I should do with my life before I make a career commitment please leave them in the comment box. Please be appropriate ( I will not consider jumping off a bridge).

Heineken is arguably one of the most popular beers in the world. Despite having some awesome advertising and marketing campaigns, Heineken doesn’t live up to its reputation. It has a yellow look with a stale aftertaste. This 5.0 % ABV Holland import tastes great when poured on draft. The foam siting at the top of a mug creates a smooth transition from air to beer. But its overall taste is nothing to jump in front of traffic about.

Don’t listen to me if you haven’t tried it. Be a judge for yourself because Heineken is worth a try. Most people who don’t like Heineken prefer Heineken Light’s taste and most people who don’t like Heineken Light prefer Heineken.
I hear the Heineken Museum in Amsterdam is absolutely a must see for yourself place.

Plus, their commercials kick more ass than Jackie Chan.

When the Moon hits your lips

I got lucky! I went out to dinner with a girl’s parents tonight and I have to admit, I was a little nervous. I thought I was going to be interviewed and over analyzed beyond my comfort zone. However, I was relieved to discover that her parents were avid drinkers and they enjoyed their beer and wine.

Normally, I wouldn’t order a beer the first time I ate with someone’s parents, but I felt out of place in this situation. So I ordered a Blue Moon. Blue Moon White draft beer served with an orange was my best friend for the night. To make it even better, when I finished it the Mrs. told me to get anther one!

I was trying to act as cool as possible and the Blue Moon definitely helped. Yes, you read that correctly. Blue Moon helps you maintain your coolness. I think it even made me look a little sophisticated. Blue Moon is thick, creamy, refreshing and a well-balanced beer. The citrus flavor sits well with your taste buds, but those of you who are counting you calories better be careful. Blue Moon has enough calories in it to be a small meal. It has 171 calories. Thats just one calorie away my long lost friend Colt 45.

You may call me biased for favoring this beer because it was my savor or even because it was free, but it really is good. For those of you who want to try something different or don’t like the taste of traditional style beer, give blue moon a shot. And don’t thank me if you become a little cooler after you finish a few.

Blue moon gets a strong 4 1/2 stars.

Did you know that Nevada consumes 38 gallons of alcohol per person annually? Either they are doing a lot of partying in Vegas or those aliens in Area 51 are throwing some raging keg parties.

I know this its not blue moon, but I didn’t want to bore my readers with Blue Moon commercials.

Singha right now!

This is probably the longest text I will write so bear with me. The last time I drank this beer I was in Thailand on a tsunami relief program. That was about two and a half years ago. I sure drank my share of Singha’s while I was over there. My friends and I were actually more worried about contracting the bird flu than getting drunk and lost in a country where no one speaks English and the people drive on the wrong side of the road at will (the motorcyclists are crazy). But before I rate this beer I want to tell you a little more about Thailand. If you are over 5’8 you are probably the tallest male in sight. It didn’t help that I am 6’1 and red haired. I stood out like a white red head in Asia. No pun intended. A good friend of mine and I went shopping in the markets and made a wrong turn. My friend has a severe case of Napoleon Syndrome which leads him to get really frustrated in situations where he cannot control the outcome.

We were lost and found ourselves in a a rainy alley (yes, it rains in isolated alleys of Bangkok). We were immediately overwhelmed with Thai suite makers, cyclists and cab drivers trying to hustle us for our money. They thought we were Australian considering the proximity to their country. We told them we were American. This probably wasn’t the smartest move in retrospect, but they immediately backed off.

So don’t let anyone tell you that wherever you go in the world people hate Americans. They like us in some places and fear us in others. Or maybe they thought my friend actually was Napoleon.

Joe and I in Bangkok Bangkok Traffic! This wasn’t filmed by me, but it was right where we stayed.

Singha is like the Yellowstone Park of beers. I really don’t know what that means, but it tastes great and it splashes your mouth like Listerine out of old faithful (I knew I would somehow tie that together). It has a monstrous 6.0% ABV and as you already know, it is brewed in Thailand. However, this lager, like many others, looses a little flavor when they are imported due to fluctuating temperatures in storage. So the zest may come as a shock to you upon initial taste, but you can always tell a good beer when you subconsciously grab a few more out of the fridge.

Singha gets 3 3/4 stars. Although, if you drink it in Thailand it gets 4 1/4

Check out this Singha ad and comment if you know what they are saying. My guess is “Dong.”

Corona Light!!

I was so excited to rate this beer. Every time I have a Corona, I find myself drinking a lot more than I planned on. This may be due in part to the bar located around my block selling them at .50 cents each for 3 hours on Thursday nights. The bar is Dos Gringos. It is heaven.

I drink every Corona Light with a diced up lime. These two go together like beans and burritos. Coronas are really meant to be drank on hot summer days or during outdoor festivities. Thats when I think you will enjoy them the most.

But we are here to rate beer. Corona Light (with a lime) has a different taste than most beers. Of course the lime adds a small taste of bitterness. After the first sip your taste buds become accustomed to it. Corona Light is 4.5 % alcohol but you don’t really seem to notice it. It has a distinct smell that isn’t too pleasing and an awful color but the lime makes it an easy drink.

For those of you health conscious drinkers, Corona Light has 5 carbs in it and a whopping 107 calories, according to Thats a lot for a light beer. But Corona is an Import and our neighbors to the south may not count their calories when they drink. You shouldn’t either!

Corona Light gets 3 1/2 stars

A major reason it got this score is because it is just awful without a lime. check out how corona markets themselves as this elite beer for relaxing.

Sapporo, Sapporo, Sapporo!

Love beer? Love Saki bombs? Try Sapporo beer. Made in Japan, this rich tasting beer puts you into drinking mode. It goes down fast but with a little bite in the back of your mouth. I finished my Sapporo but I didn’t order another one only because it is quite costly. However, we don’t rate on price here (maybe we’ll start).

This beer also makes the perfect Saki bomb when you go out for sushi. A Saki bomb (for those of you who don’t know) is when you line two chop sticks parallel to one another on top of half a glass of beer. The you put a shot of Saki on top on the chop sticks. Bang the table and when the Saki drops (bomb) you chug.

Sapporo is 5.2% alcohol. So it is a little bit stronger than your average American beer. Maybe thats why it’s so good.

Sapporo is strong, quenching, filling and refreshing.
Sapporo gets 4 stars

Those Japanese sure know how to make their beer but damn they make some weird commercials.