Bud Light Lime

Hey All,

Its been way too long since I last updated this blog. I apologize for that. In the meantime, I was doing a lot of beer tasting and I forgot what I was tasting them all for. What would you, my readers, like me to rate? I had a bud light lime last night with a few friends and I found it really tasteful. I believe this beer was designed to compete with Miller Chill and Corona.

Bud light lime gives off a taste very similar to a Corona with lime. However, it is not as heavy and you can still drink like ten of them without feeling full or any sign of indigestion. Bud light lime is a well constructed beer and they have great marketing for it.

This is their new Drinkability commercial.

Its True that to most beers drinkers, all light beers taste the same. They lack flavor,  texture and they go down like water. But Bud Light is unique…

I don’t know how Bud Light did it, but they managed to get so many people to order their beer at bars. 4 out of 5 times, I witness my friends order a Bud Light when they can’t think of anything else.

Bartender: “what can I get ya to drink?”

Patron: “uhhh umm uhhh just give me a Bud Light”

Its incredible.

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