Just when you thought Gatorade, protein shakes, energy drinks and vitamin waters were here to stay, good old fashion beer made a comeback. A study done at the University of Granada, Spain concluded that a beer after a workout is better at rehydrating you than water.

Beer is better than water!. OK, so maybe the sports drinks are here to stay but wasn’t that a great headline? Growing up I thought beer and weightlifting went together like socks and sandals. Or running a marathon and slamming a cold one was as pointless as non-alcoholic beer (and no I will not hyper link non-alcoholic beer to my site ). However, the study concluded that the carbohydrates found in beer help replace the calories lost during strenuous exercises.

“Today there is more cheering news from a different set of scientists.

They have come up with the perfect excuse for heading to the pub after a game of football or rugby.

Their research has shown that a glass of beer is far better at rehydrating the body after exercise than water.

Researchers suspect that the sugars, salts and bubbles in a pint may help people absorb fluids more quickly.

The finding, which comes from a study at Granada University in Spain, will be welcome news for the legions of evening and weekend sports enthusiasts who enjoy a postmatch pint.” –David Derbyshire,

I cant believe what I am reading! The full text can be found here, but the article went on to say how researchers suggest that part of an athletes diet should include about a pint of beer for men and a half a pint of beer for women after workouts.

So it turns out that all those happy hours I went to after a decent workout were actually beneficial. Oh wait, I think it mentions how moderate amounts of beer are beneficial after you exercise. Eh, I guess I’ll have to start going to the gym more often. What a great excuse to drink!

Ha! Sorry this video has nothing to do with my post but my friends asked me to put something up for the hoidays.


4 responses to “Beer-tein?

  1. I would have went with “the real vitamin B”, but I guess beer-tein is the next best title

  2. I like your originality Adam, but the next best thing was beer-ade. Vitamin b will have to be used when I review Victoria Biter (VB). I think that will be more appropriate.

  3. Ahh great Australian beer, I was taught by a wise Aussie that your have to roll the VB before you drink it for ultimate taste, Some of the ingredients tend to settle at the bottom, the roll mixes that flavor right back into the beer.

  4. As Ben Franklin said, “Beer is living proof that God loves us.”
    Damn, Ben was smart dude.
    Thanks for the link dude.

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