The Results are in!

After a long weekend of thanksgiving celebrations, football and beer games, I gathered enough data to draw some conclusions. However, there may be a 3 percent margin of error in this study due to my inability to experience every beer’s full effect. I had to observe some of my friends for a complete evaluation.

I limited my selection of beverages all weekend to just a few very fortunate beers: Milwaukee’s best, Keystone light, Busch beer and Natural Light. Wow this was hard to do! I made mental notes and jotted down my thoughts of each beer on whatever form of paper and writing utensil I could find (I was very limited at ASU tailgate).

To start off, we have nick names for several of these beers. Milwaukee’s Best is known as “The Beast.” Natural Light is known as “Natty.” Busch is Busch and I have yet to hear any nicknames for Keystone light. But I can tell you that almost every can of Keystone light you come across has some sort of dent or scratch in it.

Keep checking. I will be putting them in over the next day.


One response to “The Results are in!

  1. We call em silver & blues, Keyster Bunnies, and Keyblues.

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