Kilt lifter

Kilt lifter is an amber brown beer that is 6.0% alcohol. I am referring to the kilt lifter brewed by Four Peaks in Arizona. If you can get your hands on one of these be sure to try it. It is simply mesmerizing.

I really enjoyed this beer and I think every other beer enthusiast will also. Make sure your first sip of Kilt lifter is a mouth full. It tastes better when it goes down in large quantities. I am not sure why this is, but it is. I Drank this beer at a Tavern over a 6 oz bacon cheeseburger. If I didn’t know any better I’d swear John Wayne made these two in heaven.

Again, this is one of those beers that are good over dinner as opposed to playing drinking games with it. But I’d definitely drink this beer all night if I had the room in my stomach.

Kilt Lifter can be a good beer for a party atmosphere as well. Actually… by bringing Kilt Lifter to a party others will envy you, kind of like when you were the first kid to have the new Jordan sneakers in gym class. Yes, this beer is that good.

Another highlight about Kilt Lifter is its drink ability. It taste so good and it is so strong that you actually have more fun drinking it. It is not a painful taste like many strong beers, but a rather exciting taste. It has a rich, smooth taste that tickles the roof of your mouth. If you reside on the East Coast you can find kilt lifter at major beer distributors. Kilt lifter is mainly carried in the southwest region, but it’s almost worth the trip.

Served in a chilled pint glass this beer gets 4 1/2 stars


3 responses to “Kilt lifter

  1. Looking foward to your review of four peaks winter wobbler, comes out mid december, you gotta love a beer they will only serve you three of, due to the alcohol content.

  2. Kilt Lifter is a great beer

  3. winter wobbler will be out this week. I can’t wait to drink it. The bar only serves you three of these beers.

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