Coming soon!

Keep checking in for the most requested rating yet.

Several of my readers, being the college students they are, have requested that I rate the most common beers that they drink on the weekends. Those beers are: Keystone Light, Natural Light, Milwaukee’s Best and Busch. These are the beers they “drink at tailgates” or “play beer pong with.”

I know that if their purpose for drinking these beers has nothing to do with quality then my rating is useless. They just want to crown the crappiest beer. I wont do that because as Benjamin Franklin once said, “Beer is proof god loves us and wants us to be happy.”

However, I will rate these beers and give them a title most appropriate for their purpose. Best for chugging, best for beer games, etc… The titles will come to me depending on what my weekend consists of.

Stay tuned!


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