Fat Tire!

Fat Tire is a Belgium inspired beverage and a delight after you’ve been drinking watered down beers all week. This 5.2% alcoholic ale has something to it that I haven’t tasted in a while. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this beer has some sort of fruity taste. Friends said it reminded them of coffee beans but these two comparisons are on total opposite ends of the spectrum. Maybe it is the red label that makes me think of berries. On sites like Beeradvocate.com, people claim to taste all sorts of things.

Fat Tire smells enchanting and made me anxious to taste it. The first sip I had my taste buds awoken. I needed another sip to really evaluate it because I was not expecting what I just drank. It sends a tingle to the sides of your mouth and the aftertaste makes you wonder what is at the bottom of the bottle.

However, Fat Tire is a heavy beer. It combines a toasty feeling with a filling flavor. I think true beverage connoisseurs would appreciate this beer with a nice steak dinner. I wouldn’t mind drinking this beer while sitting on my balcony on a clear night or by a campfire with some buddies. I drank two of them and I then I reverted to Bud Light for drinking games. I don’t think this is a beer you would drink when you go to a bar and plan on meeting the pavement at the end of the night. In fact, this beer will weigh you down and keep you right in your seat.

Its a little over priced, but well worth it if you are into quality . Don’t plan on partying with Fat Tire, but you should definitely try it when you go out with the family.

Fate Tire gets 4 stars.

Sorry everyone. No video for this one but you can learn more about Fat Tire Here


2 responses to “Fat Tire!

  1. interesting facts. i have never heard about theis beer. where is it sold?

  2. why don’t you rate beers that we drink at tailgates like natty or icehouse

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