Tap the Rockies!

Coors Light. Lets rate it!

Coors Light is 4.2% alcohol just like many domestic light beers. It isn’t that strong but it goes down really easy. Because it is so weak it doesn’t even taste like beer. It doesn’t smell very strong either which probably indicates it isn’t made with quality products.

If I were to base my judgment solely on drinkability I would give Coors Light 4 stars. Thats because water goes down pretty easy and this is a watery beer. But since we take other factors into account, that score is going to decrease. Served cold, Coors Light is mildly thirst Quenching. If it isn’t ice cold it may taste like recycled Coors Original if you know what I mean.

If you want to enjoy a quality beer I wouldn’t recommend Coors Light. If you want to get piss drunk for a relatively cheap price, then by all means grab yourself a 12 pack.

Coors light has a 102 calories and 5 carbohydrates according to RealBeer But most of their target audience, young men 21- 34, aren’t concerned about that. It has no smell, very little taste, it drinks easily, it mildly quenches your thirst and you have to drink a lot of them to get drunk.

But lets face it, that blue bottle idea they came up with to determine the best drinking temperature is genius. And they have some kick ass commercials.

Now check out this parody of their NFL commercials that some kids made which is actually pretty funny.


2 responses to “Tap the Rockies!

  1. Theres are reason it is the official sponsor of the NFL.

  2. Review Magic Hat #9 best beer ever made.

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