Corona Light!!

I was so excited to rate this beer. Every time I have a Corona, I find myself drinking a lot more than I planned on. This may be due in part to the bar located around my block selling them at .50 cents each for 3 hours on Thursday nights. The bar is Dos Gringos. It is heaven.

I drink every Corona Light with a diced up lime. These two go together like beans and burritos. Coronas are really meant to be drank on hot summer days or during outdoor festivities. Thats when I think you will enjoy them the most.

But we are here to rate beer. Corona Light (with a lime) has a different taste than most beers. Of course the lime adds a small taste of bitterness. After the first sip your taste buds become accustomed to it. Corona Light is 4.5 % alcohol but you don’t really seem to notice it. It has a distinct smell that isn’t too pleasing and an awful color but the lime makes it an easy drink.

For those of you health conscious drinkers, Corona Light has 5 carbs in it and a whopping 107 calories, according to Thats a lot for a light beer. But Corona is an Import and our neighbors to the south may not count their calories when they drink. You shouldn’t either!

Corona Light gets 3 1/2 stars

A major reason it got this score is because it is just awful without a lime. check out how corona markets themselves as this elite beer for relaxing.


3 responses to “Corona Light!!

  1. i love this beer, i agree with the lime! it needs it. i think it tastes the same as regualr carona

  2. I loveeeeeeeee Coronaaaa’s!!! with a lime!!

  3. Corona. I love it. The Belgians could take lessons from the Mexicans

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